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Welcome to Skool Resources, we offer a portal that is both very educational and safe for kids, parents and educators. The search engines on our site uses Google's search technology and is configured to remove materials that is harmful or inappropriate for children. We highly recommend making the site "safesearch.skool.com" the start page for all computers that are used by both kids and adults. Utilizing Google's safe search component, we are able to remove 99.9% of all inappropriate materials from displaying on the search results page. Using the search engine on our page, plus the addition of a filtering software, will almost guarantee a safe Internet experience for you and your kids. For parents and educators, we highly recommend our Teacher Tube page for numerous videos that will help you with your children and other lessons that will improve your career. In addition there are articles written by top experts in our Articles archive. And finally our Education forum is a great place to share your ideas and ask questions in regards to improving the education that we provide to our children.

We at Skool Resources thank you for your visit and your contribution to our goal of improving education for all children. Skool Resources built for kids, parents and educators.

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